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For those living within a few block radius of 2nd and Jackson, you may have heard the construction noise last night. I called David George, Seattle's Noise Abatement Coordinator, who said that he had received lots of complaints about the noise last night. I had also called him last week when they were jack-hammering until 2 am.
We're working on coming up with a fun logo for our blog. The question now is whether or not it should be something funky, but a little abstract like "P2" or P-Squared (please no "pee-square" jokes) or some play on squares and P. I have all of those ideas floating in my head.
There are lots of things on Pioneer Square's calendar this month that will keep us entertained. One that I haven't been to yet that I've been planning on going to is the Comedy Night.
This is the first post. Ever. Well not ever. It's actually a fake post. I don't have anything to write about, I'm just changing it from the lorem ipsum text that we all hate love.